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Message from the Director


The recent confluence of new ICT (information and communication technologies) and data-intensive research methodologies affords a new research paradigm for innovations through collaborative, multi-disciplinary explorations.  Mobile devices, sensors, high-performance computing, client-cloud architectures, broadband networks, multimedia and multimodal data, etc., pervade our society.  This creates an unprecedented explosion in data, often referred as “big data”.  Strong mathematical and computing tools are needed to process, model, analyze, manipulate and visualize big data to bring about knowledge creation, technological innovations and smart decision-making.

The Big Data Decision Analytics Research Centre is established to support multidisciplinary research in CUHK.  We will focus on this new paradigm of data-intensive research discovery, which targets knowledge creation and insight extraction from massive datasets using ICT, data mining techniques and operations research methods.  The insights can support optimal decision making that incorporates the human dimension, with rapid adaptability to changing environments.  Our research will span selected disciplines that belong to CUHK’s core competence, where are also are particularly relevant to our society.  We aim to conduct impactful research in healthcare and genomics, earth system science, social networks, economic and financial data, logistic and supply chain management, as well as digital learning.  This will achieve societal impact and uphold CUHK's leadership in research and development, as well as benefit Hong Kong, Macao, the Greater China region and beyond.

The 5 V's of Big Data:




Professor Helen Meng, Patrick Huen Wing Ming Professor of Systems Engineering & Engineering Management



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